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Weltanschauung on themes, rarely spoken about

Danilo Peshikan once shared his weltanschauung on philosophy, life and beliefs: "When I speak it is to say something essential—my hopes, my human experience, my feelings, philosophy etc.—themes that have rarely been spoken about by one human to another... To become a Stranger for someone else's soul and to be for it what He has been for me throughout all these years and every lonely person at every occasional meeting has woken up the hope... It is of no importance, even if all this lasts just for an instant, as long as at this very moment I am immortal at last."

In a search of our existence and secrets of the heart

Filiad, is a controversial novel, a defunct fatherhood story about hushed family affairs. A confession of a father obsessed with his daughter, in a search of an answer to the damn question of our existence and most intimate secret recess of the heart.

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Human psyche, sub-consciousness and moral degradation

Stranger, short stories, with implication directed to the human psyche, to the labyrinths of the human being's sub-consciousness which is under the pressure of ubiquitous moral degradation. Themes with a secondary focus—the sullen form of the social system in which we all lived.

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The manipulative power of the human language

In Shadows of invisible dogs, Danilo Peshikan wonders if the manipulative  power of human language is an ancestral trait traceable back to the necessity that caused  it to errupt into existence as a weapon for world domination, rather than a tool for communication; humanity has truly been deceived so many times that if the geniuses we revere today were true geniuses, would we still revere them?

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