Peshikan, the Author of Filiad in Adelaide.
Peshikan, author of Filiad, literary fiction
The writer Danilo Peshikan  in Sydney.

Danilo Peshikan, a citizen of the world, writer, programmer


Danilo Peshikan, (this is not a pen name but a real name), was a writer and a programmer. "As a writer, he had an extraordinary artistic personality revealed in his text; as a programmer, he was a part of the science and technology intelligentsia, which until recently had at least remained a virtually independent group, least prone to compromises... In his works, we see Danilo Peshikan as a citizen of the world; we see him projected in his wandering across parallels and meridians, free of the mental traumas and complexity of his life here. He does not delve into the melancholic tangle of homesickness but engages directly into cosmopolitan spiritual communication with enviable self-esteem."—Atanas Svilenov

Born in Bulgaria, Danilo earned a master degree in Computer Science, worked and lived in Paris, lectured for three years at the University of Zimbabwe and moved with his family to Australia. While overseas, he worked as a programmer and was a special correspondent for the "Literary Forum", a publication of the Bulgarian Writers.

In Bulgaria, Danilo Peshikan was a writer of short stories—that was what he had been for almost 20 years. Some of his works were published in a number of literary magazines. "From top to bottom" was included in the Unconquerable Armada, an Anthology of the contemporary Bulgarian Author. The collection of his novellas, Stranger, saw the light of day in 1992.

In Sydney, Peshikan wrote his first novel in English, Filiad (2014), completed shortly before he passed away. The novel is a love poem, strictly literature, although the subject matter is explosive and explosively treated.

Danilo Peshikan, a writer freed of dogmas

Peshikan was a writer, with a spirit internally freed from dogmas and I believe in the value of his messages.

"He was a peculiar equivalent of an ethnic polyphony, sounding in his blood. A strange person with a strange name, writing a strange piece of fiction."—Boyko Lambovski

A trained programmer, Danilo had an abstract thought and unravelled it until he produced a picture, which he then simplified.

Filiad was chiselled out of most unmalleable, unyielding material, some super hard meteorite metal, and made from it a composition of two figures, as flexible and gracious as if kneaded of some spiritual substance.

He started the novel with the ambition to produce a masterpiece of indisputable value and artistic merit. It was supposed to be the book of his life, his magnum opus.

"A gorgeously written, complex work of deluded love."—Literary Fiction Book Review

Stranger saw the light of day in the 90's. The stories are made up by means of one and the same technique—the stream of consciousness and constant penetration into the sub-consciousness.

"Stranger is a dream image created by the fleeting contact of someone with the world of the other people and the eccentricity of the protagonist is the bridge connecting him with the others."—Iren Ivancheva (reviewer)

In Shadows of Invisible dogs, faces flashes by, coming and going. Images are sinking beneath the thick layer of tears, merging with other drowning faces. Pain, wounds and scars are covering the bodies from top to bottom. Global questions are put forth: "what this power is which in its mindless greed, destroys those over whom it rules? What is it? This tyranny?"

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