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АDddFiliad /    Shadows of Invisible Dogs/    Stranger    

Сенките на Невидимите Кучета       Странник

Filiad, Sexual theme treated from a slanted angle

                              Danilo Peshikan chose for his novel, Filiad, an explosive subject matter and treated it                                  from a slanted angle, through the eyes of a father. The sexual theme in his book develops                                 like an unceasing suffering despite the lightness of intonation and the irony.  

Filiadliterary fiction, begins with intrigues of the child Besovsky and his ill-fated love affair with his English and piano teacher, which predestines his fatherhood story. Since then, he does not like children as they remind him of his own fiasco as a child. The fatal grudge against youth is soon to be put to trial by arterial fire when Blanche gives her father a goodnight kiss that goes astray...

WARNING! Filiad is a fiction, not pornography and definitely NOT a manual!
WARNING! Filiad is a controversial literary work and not for everyone. The sexual theme is treated radically and unapologetically.

            Shadows of Invisible Dogs, short stories with strange and unconventional characters   

                             In Danilo Peshikan's collection of short stories, Shadows of Invisible dogs, "not all                                     we seek is the sky above or the road ahead... Everyone has their own wound. For some, it                                is their impoverished past. For others, humiliations they have experienced, for still others, simply illness or misfortune." The shadows of their "own muddled life" remain simply in some "happy afternoon". 

Peshikan's characters are strange, unconventional, seeing the extraordinary in the mundane, there where it may not exist.

Stranger, a vision, a fog in which every detail is distinct

                           Stranger, a comet's tail. A vision, resembling an improved version of Lord Byron. An                                     image sprouting from the depths of the author's memory, serving him as a pinpoint in his                                 search for the lost path in his life, of his destiny which has silently abandoned him                                             somewhere on the long journey.

"The atmosphere in these stories is somehow reminiscent of Patrick Modiano—a fog in which every detail is distinct and crystal-clear, yet we have no idea where we are. And we wander and jostle against each other like in a crowded aquarium..." Literary Forum

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